Short Fun in Penang Island

Small island with a punch.

Whilst everyone was at Retro Havoc and King of Nations, I was in Penang (one of the states in Malaysia) for the annual Chinese 'Qing Ming' event (traditional Chinese tomb-sweeping day). Although bummed out that I missed both of these events and didn’t get full coverage for you guys but I’m sure other media out there got you well covered.

Instead, I have something special for you. When I heard I'd be missing these major car events, I messaged the Chrome-Veilside-RX7 dude to see if they have any meetings on that day - they did. And it wasn't going to be a boring ol' park-and-discuss-engines-in-the-dark meeting. It was also conveniently 1km away from where I was staying in Penang; So I took a leisurely walk to the meet and took in all of the islands beautiful scenery (while avoiding the ‘working ladies’ by the roadside).

United JDM attended our JDM TT 3.0 last year all the way from Penang, their crew has all kinds of Japanese cars - notably RX7s, Integras, Evos and Subies.

After some late-night food and a few sips of beer, we went fueled up before heading up to the Teluk Bahang Dam. I was surprised by how gung-ho enthusiastic they were, they do this so often and yet they do not get tired of repetition. And the turnout was pretty decent too! If this was Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur), the'd have the choice of smiling all the way up the Ulu Yam path, however the road up to Teluk Bahang Dam was pretty congested. But they make do with what they have, which was good because the destination was beautiful and breezy. More importantly, space for us to just park and chill without worries of disturbances from local enforcement or residents.

I underestimated Penang, I didn't expect the island to have such a big thing for cars. They even have a mint Evo 6 TME (Tommi Makinen Edition)...

…wide-bodied Supra with a big single turbo…

…clean Civic EGs, plenty of Hondas…

…and 350Zs around too. Sadly the RX7 couldn’t make it that night.

…a Brian O’Connor’s Evo 7 replica?

…bumped into a Satria Neo gathering too.

After the ‘park and chill’, the president decided it wasn't enough, so we went to a nearby Tesco car park to shoot under the light. Unfortunately the management turned off the lights right after we parked. I guess they weren’t car guys.

If any of you JDM (Japanese branded cars) owners out there want to join them, look for them in Facebook.

Again thanks for the gracious hospitality guys!

- Bee