King Of Asia 2015 – Malaysia

[Pictures Heavy] The Last Ever Event on Speed City KL

On 31 May 2015, we celebrated the final event hosted by Speed City KL with the King Of Asia drift event. Speed City KL's legacy lasted for 5 years and was the place where a lot of famous local drifters gained their popularity such as Ivan Lau, Tan Tat Wei and Malaysia’s Prince of Drift Tengku Djan, notably for team Missile Drift. This was also the place to be for several international drift events.

We bid farewell to the sweet smell of tyre smoke and the rev beating sound with our pictures. Tan Tat Wei took the championship with his green Sunoco 180sx. Second place Azman Ucop, 3rd place Amirol Ashraf.

Pakelo Oil has recently became really popular in Malaysia. Famously with Azman, Red Baron.

Typically, Japanese cars and engines are used to drift in Asia as opposed to the States where V8 accounts to majority of the engines. We have seen a few VH45s but most are not making LSx’s standard. Here, 2JZ, 1JZ & SR20 even 4AGE are widely used due to their parts availability. The drift scene here isn’t all about big power due to the fact that most local drift circuits are small. We love our 4 bangers and straight sixers.

We are seeing some really good looking conversions as well. The Rocket Bunny S14 and the R34 rear.

I really wanted to hear this 13B REW powered AE86 but it suffered mechanical problems. Also it was the only rotary competing.

Drifting is my favourite motorsport, glad I was able to shoot some cars and make new friends.

R.I.P Speed City KL. - Bee