Functional Straightforward 350Z

Part time ear pleaser.

The 350z - also known as the Fairlady Z, has always been one of the favourites in Malaysia. It’s a crowd pleaser... I mean lady pleaser. 2 door coupe or convertible, they look good regardless and there are even several lady 350z owners. Guys dig chick magnets like the 350z and some even own one specifically for that reason! Jokes aside, the 350z is an extremely comfortable cruiser, has pretty decent NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) and a smooth V6 to boot, even though it’s a 'sports' car. In the used-car market, it's relatively cheap and it's rear wheel drive, that's plenty reason enough to own one!

That air conditioning vent ‘Z’ is a nice touch by Nissan.

Why the low price tag? Because a 3500cc/3.5L car roadtax in Malaysia is ridonculous. Paying RM4375.50 every year in ownership taxes is mind blowing! Many ride it for a few months then sell it within a year, some don't even keep the car long enough to reach the next oil change. Kok Jin, the owner of this this pearl white Fairlady has owned it for 5 years and counting. That officially makes him a nutter! Modification life just started last year when he finally had the financial means to implement the mods. Family and career came first, meaning he's a nutter with his head screwed on right!

Missing Nissan emblem? Weight reduction, bro.

Kok Jin was bitten by the track day bug after joining a few touge runs. Realising his car wasn’t up to par, mods ensued. This Fairlady is equipped with the upgraded version of the VQ35DE, named the RevUp because of the extra 500rpm not available in the earlier engine model. Performance mods like Tomei cams and CP pistons helped boost the cars performance reliably, and aftermarket forged conrods replaced the inherent weak conrods of the VQ35 engine.

This 350z used to use a exhaust system straighter than the heterosexual man standing in a straight line facing north. It had no sound reducing devices like the muffler and was so loud that Kok Jin himself surrendered and opted for a middle resonator box. The 'quieter' setup still annoys the neighbours but not as much, and more importantly it retained the rumble of the V6 engine. The current exhaust noise echoing throughout the hills when touge-ing sound orgasmic! Rice much? Not at all.

More mods were done to increase the compression ratio to 11:1 and the result? A whopping 40hp from the naturally aspirated engine. The cylinder head hasn’t been PNP-ed, once done it should result in some serious gains.

These Nismo LMGT4s are absolutely gorgeous! They instantly transform plain-jane Fairladies giving it a stanced look, also improving performance being lightweight. The LMGT4s are wrapped in super sticky Yokohama AD08Rs which help with track performance. Stock 4 pot Brembos in the front are sufficient to stop the old girl with Project Mu 800 degrees brake pads.

These modifications aren’t there without reason, they were all installed with very specific handling requirements. Kok Jin is learning the Sepang International Circuit, attending all Sepang track days that he comes across.

A quick shoutout to Leon for helping Kok Jin with his 'training shoes', and helping to improve his track times and skills.


The Heart
VQ35DE RevUp
Tomei Poncams 264° 10.8mm max cam lift
CP Forged Pistons
Forged connecting rods
ARP Head Studs
Custom Extractors
Custom Y pipe
Custom decat downpipe
Custom mid to back straight pipe 3 inch
Aftermarket aluminium radiator
Works Engineering oil catch tank
Works Engineering oil cooler with motorized fan
K&N air filter
ECU reflash by After12

Ogura Super Single
Cusco 1.5 way LSD type RS

Suspension and Brakes
BC Racing BR series
Brembo front 4 pot/rear 2 pot
Project µ 800 degree pad
Steel braided hose

19” Nismo LMGT4 8.5jj front 9.5 jj rear
Yokohama AD08Rs 245/45R19 front and 275/35R19 rear

Amuse Bodykit

Works Engineering Oil Temp Meter

- Bee