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Civic EF9 SiR

We've featured a lot of Hondas in RaceNotRice, it's not that we're Honda fanboys - truth be told I'm more of a force-inducted nutjob and Bee is just... a nutjob. But ever so occasionally we come across something ever so unique or extraordinary, we just have to feature it. Just like this super mint Honda Civic SiR EF9.

The story of the Civic is more than 20 years old, but some say this is the car that single-handedly kicked off the whole import/tuner scene. If it wasn't for the extreme success of the Civic EF within the tuner scene, we wouldn't have things like The Fast and the Furious, Initial-D and so on..

When Honda decided to redesign the Civic in 1988, they gave the Civic EF independent double-wishbone suspension on all 4 corners of this hot-hatch. This meant the EF handled like Usain Bolt on slicks changing direction every 15 seconds trying to outrun a lion. What's more interesting is Honda made the US variant less powerful and less kitted-out than the JDM version. The Japanese got the infamous B16 engine, close-ratio transmission, the works! Once American Civic fans found out that the B16 JDM engines were direct plug-and-play into their Civics, this started the whole Honda JDM revolution. In fact, the Honda aftermarket tuner scene got so large in America only (supposedly) the Mustang had a larger product catalog!

This gorgeous EF is an original Civic EF SiR. But the badge and the chassis is pretty much all that's left of the original form. The frankensteined port-and-polished B16A screamer retained it's original camshafts and valve springs, but it's using the B18C bottom end paired with B16B pistons (A, B and C!). The beauty of Honda engines is the interchangeable parts between the same series engines! This combo interestingly increases the compression ratio and stroke to produce more torque/power. How much more? No idea since the owner never sent his car for dyno.

With all the engine mods that the owner has done (and most typical Honda enthusiasts would have done as well) the EF purely runs on RON97 or more. Anything less and expect a lot of nasty knocking. The original gearbox was close-ratio, but with all tuner Civics nothing is ever stock. Retrofitted 4.4 final gear ratios meant it cruised like an Integra instead of a screaming toddler on the highway. Practicality is the way to go!

Honda owners that I've come across are all fond of 'sleeper' looks. But pay close attention to the original Rays Volk TE37s wrapped in super sticky AD08R tyres. The EF needs it for the - wait for it.... launch control system that's integrated into the reflashed chrome ECU. Aggressive coilovers help stop the car from frog jumping and diving but on rocky bumpy roads, it's a challenge to drive around even with all the braces installed - does an excellent job keeping the driver awake since there is no stereo in the car!

Having spoken with the new owner of this car (yes, it was sold), he explains that although it's using a 4-puck Exedy clutch, the car is relatively easy to drive. But the rock hard suspension isn't his cup of tea and he plans to later downgrade to something less bone shattering such as Bilsteins. Then there's the extremely loud neighbors-wrath-inducing 5Zigen exhaust, the drone is apparently too much for the new owners aged ears. A quiter swap might be in the works in the next few months.

Exploring the car is half the fun of buying a new car. Right now he's figured out how to launch the car from standstill - all the better for me to record a really loud launch video!


The Heart
Head B16A port and polish
B16B camshaft, valve spring and retainer
B18C Type R block
B16B piston
Generic oil catch tank
Spoon oil cap
Spoon plug cables
Ef9 obd0 ecu chrome rechip
5zigen border 304 RO 2.3" exhaust full set
5zigen 4-2-1 extractor
Sard type S fuel pressure regulator
AN fitting steel braided hose
B18C Type R injector
Skunk2 intake manifold
B18c throttle body
Mugen airbox
K-tuned intake manifold spacer gasket
J1 gearbox
4.4 final gear
Type R flywheel
Exedy 4 puck racing clutch
Spoon thermostat
Spoon fan switch
Spoon radiator cap
Samco hoses
Synergy radiator

Suspension and Brakes
Ek9 front and rear disc 5 lug conversion
Endless 400c brake pads
Pro RS steel braided hose
Project mu disc rotor
Ef9 brake servo pump
Zerone SSR700 fully adjustable suspension
Hardrace upper camber arm
Hardrace rear lower arm
Hardrace rear toe arm
J's racing pillow ball trailing arm bush
Japan A-tech 3 point fender bar
Front cusco strut bar
Rear cusco strut bar
K-tuned traction bar

15x7 +40 VOLK Racing TE37
195/55/15 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08r
Rays hex17 lock nut set

Complete EF9 standard interior
Nardi steering with Momo boss kit
2 way alarm system

EF9 original bodyparts
Spoon style powered side mirror
Cromax windows all around

- Izso