Car enthusiasts getting hands on with their cars

Small Island with a punch!

United JDM Penang

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Part 2

Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Part 1

Dr Jekyll

Ongoing Project: Mutated Beetle

Project Rotary Beetle.

Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft

BMW DTM. Sort of.

Tuning Heaven of Malaysia

Bandar Sunway - Our Perspective

Is drifting a dying sport in Malaysia?

How do we help the drifters?

DIY : How to install an ATF cooler

Long live ATF

DIY : How to clean a throttle body

First DIY for 2016

The Screaming Banshee

The VTEC wail

Long Distance Driving 101

Prepared for your trip back home?

Darth V8Tezza

Revenge of the Sith

One Delicious Lotus Satria Neo

The Lotus Neo

Final chapter
The Dummies Guide

Forced Induction

Not A Simply Done-Up IS200

Not your average IS200


The Fun of KE70

JDM TT 3.0 - Our 3rd installment of the JDM Meet.
Our biggest yet!

JDM TT 3.0

How to start modding your car :
The Dummies Guide Part 4

R34 Skyline

A Well Loved R34 GTT

R34 Skyline

How to start modding your car :
The Dummies Guide Part 3

Simple engine mods

How to start modding your car :
The Dummies Guide Part 2

Lightening is power!

How to start modding your car :
The Dummies Guide

Start with the basics.

The Immaculate Tezza & The one off IS250

Successor and predecessor but different philosophies.

The Ultimate Subaru

Only 400 were made and the 216th is right here.

DIY: Headlight refresh

3 Conventional Ways To Clean Your Headlights - Do They Work?

DIY: Headlight refresh

The Easiest and Simplest Guide to Refresh Your Headlights

Functional Straightforward 350Z

Part time ear pleaser

If Darth Vader had a car

Moving forward with sheer driving pleasure!

An AE86 used to the fullest

Drifting, touge, time attack, more drifting

Civic Nations Founder

Civic EF9 SiR

Chasing The Dream

Big brooding bruiser

AE111 With A Mission To Serve

Track day or street cruiser?

How to install a 4-in-1 meter


RX8 Day 8-8-15

RX8 Day

GReddy RX8 From Sushiland

Original Greddy factory RX8 show car

Baby Godzilla

The one and only Baby Godzilla

Built Not Bought

No F*cks Given

Innovation and Improvement

Twin Preves

PocketRockets Pocket Rocket

PocketRockets CRZ

The original DIYer

Johnson Lam and his Evo X

The Sleeper Civic

Daniels Type-R

Xaviers Wiralution

A serious case of Evo envy

Art Of Speed 2015

AOS 2015 – car culture melting pot


A regular DIY guy & his car

King of Asia 2015 - Malaysia

The Last Ever Event on Speed City KL

Tea and scones 'guvna?

The gentleman racer

The friendly giant

The Red Baron v2

The Artsy Toyota Cefiro

Modern art on a Nissan powered by Toyota

A Date with Izzat & DC5

Mugen N1 Cup Car

The Original Posterboy

Naturally aspirated V12 Weber carbed madness!

DIY Proton Waja

Home grown talent.

Celica touge spec

Driven hard, like it should be.

NA Power!

Naturally aspirated B20 VTEC power.

The Nissan RX8

Best of both worlds. All the worlds.


Super Vtec?